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The Colca Canyon tours are one of the best options for keeping the contact with nature and local people. The Colca Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Peru; where you will find andean terraces built by the Collaguas and Cabanas, the two distinct ethnic groups in the Colca Valley. This zone presents 16 villages, these are: Sibayo, Callalli, Tuti, Canocota, Chivay, Coporaque, Yanque, Ichupampa, Achoma, Lari, Maca, Madrigal, Cabanaconde, Pinchollo, Tapay and Huambo towns; in all this area you will find colonial churches and gently people. In Chivay you will find “La Calera, hot springs, with recognized medicinal properties of importance. Also It’s possible to enjoy them in the villages of: Sibayo, Yanque and Llahuar.

Colca Canyon  2 Days Tour , 2 Days Colca  Trek,  Colca 3 Days Trekking and 4 days

One of the deepest in the world, where is located the andean condor kingdom. The Colca Valley and Canyon area offer a great collection of restaurants that includes typical food and a number of great hotels like: Colca Lodge, Pozo del Cielo, Casa Andina Colca, Kuntur Wassi, Las Casitas del Colca, Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca, Tradicion Colca, La Casa de Mamayacchi, etc. For visiting this land adventures, we offer the next options: Colca Full day tour, Colca Tour 2 Days, Colca Canyon Trek 2/3/4 days, Vivencial tour in Canocota, Coporaque, Tuti, Sibayo and Yanque and bus Chivay Puno and bus Puno Chivay. Enjoy your visit with our two kind of services: in private and shared. Also we offer Colca tour from Puno and Colca tour Killawasi lodge

2 Day Colca Canyon Trek: Trekking Colca Canyon 2 day is for hikers with some trek level. The 2 days trek is the best way to get to the bottom of the canyon.

3 Day Colca Trek: This trek is recommended because of the time for enjoying the landscapes.
Do not lose this great oportunity for visiting The Colca Canyon with Perou Voyage, Colca Canyon tour operator. For more information just send us an e-mail to: Choose your best option according to your physical conditions Colca Trek Peru. Colca Trek, Colca Trekking 3/4/5 days.

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