These are the best peruvian dishes to taste during your trip to Peru. Peruvian food reflects traditional flavors of the coast, mountains and jungle to delight you with the varied and generous gastronomic offer of Peru.

Puka Picante: Its reddish color is due to beetles, chili pepper and peanuts. But the Ayacuchanas ladies say that, in the past, this stew was made with ayrampo, the black fruit of a bush that, at some point, abounded in Huancavelica. Try it at Restobar Andes.

Cuy Chactado: Served with golden potatoes and onion bramble. Usually requested in more traditional picanterías like La Lucila, in the district of Sachaca in Arequipa city.

Brochetas de Suri: They eat them roasted, in the market with slices of onion and grilled red paprika, accompanied by fried yucas or regional sausage in the sophisticated Fitzcarraldo restaurant, overlooking the Itaya River. (Calle Napo 100, corner with Boulevard Joaquín Abensur, Iquitos. Tel. (065) 507545).

Cebiche de Conchas Negras: The best cebiche can be eaten at Don Teófilo Imán Ipanaqué, owner of Chimú, an small and cozy restaurant offering delicious food.

Chicharron de Conejo a la Naranja: This dish is prepred in Lima. If you are passing through Barranco, visit Café Tostado. You can find it in Nicolás de Piérola 222. (Tel. (01) 2477133).

Adobo Arequipeño: In Sabor Caymeño (from Mrs. María Meza), located on the corner of the Plaza de Armas de Cayma, you will learn why pork marinated with chicha de jora, garlic, onions and cloves, provides you energy.

Cebiche de Mango con Langostinos: They prepare it at the Ñaylamp restaurant, in Los Órganos, Piura. In addition, you will find other dishes at reasonable prices, such as lobster and jumbo prawns with a handmade pasta.

No matter where you go, the peruvian food is delicious

Grilled Alpaca: In southern Peru, alpaca meat is grilled. You can enjoy, especially, in Cusco, Puno or Arequipa. The restaurant that you must visit to try it is the Zigzag, located at 210-212 Zela Street, Historic Center of Arequipa. (Tel. (054) 206020).

Picante de Cuy: It is not a cheap product and, rather, is offered on special occasions. Ask for one at the Casita Rustika de Huaraz, (943-785-329).

Cebiche de Chocho: The cchocho is a legume that is consumed in the Andean region. Thus, instead of fish or shellfish, chocho is used. The restaurant to taste it is Tambo, in Huaraz (Tel. (043) 425859).

Pallares Salad: The richest is in La Olla de Juanita, in the Subtanjalla neighborhood, north of the city of Ica, which is the land of pallares (Tel. (056) 403317).

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