Located at three hours driving from Cusco (Peru) the Q’eswachaka bridge, which crosses the Apurimac River, has become an important tourist attraction that has gained fame among travelers. The reason: it is the last suspension bridge of the Inca culture, so crossing it is a unique experience for any tourist.

Queshuachaca (possibly from Quechua q’iswa a rope of twisted dried maguey or ichhu, chaka bridge, “rope bridge”, consisting of ropes made of grass and spanning the Apurimac River near Huinchiri, in Quehue District, Canas Province, Peru, is the last remaining Inca rope bridge

Located in the district of Quehue, in the Cusco province of Canas, this impressive bridge made of vegetable fiber (ichu) was part of the Inca Trail. Its validity is approximately 600 years.

At 50 meters high, the 28 meters long and 1.20 wide of the Q’eswachaka are a challenge for tourists. Therefore, every year in June, such construction is renewed by the local communities of Winch’iri, Chaupibanda, Ccollana Quehue and Perccaro. It is a ritual that lasts three days.