Peru wildlife observation attracts thousands of nature-lovers each year.
Peru Wildlife offers a top destination for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Bird Watching

Peru is the ideal destination for “bird watching” due to geographical and climactic factors that have allowed over 1,830 species to thrive in the country.

Observation of land mammals

Peru is a megadiverse country, containing 84 of the 114 life zones, 8 bio-geographical provinces and three large basins.

Watching Wales and Other Marine Mammals

The Peruvian sea is thome of 33 species of marine mammals (whales) who inhabit different points along the peruvian coast. The Amazon River also boasts species such as otters and pink dolphins, whose unique beauty and color are truly astonishing.

Orchid Spotting

The orchids attracts thousands of tourists to Peru who are interested in seeing them in their natural state.

Butterfly Watching

Peru holds the world record of butterfly species, with approximately 4,000 species, 59 of which are endemic.

Amphibian Spotting

Peru’s rich bio-diversity includes organisms that live inside the soil fauna.