Find the best informations about the best routes for hiking in The Colca Canyon. You can find a complete guide for chosing the best alternatives for you no matter If you are a looking for a luxurious hike or If you are travelling on a budget.

Trekking inside the Colca Canyon leaves from Arequipa, Chivay or Puno.

The Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. It is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, approximately 3400 meters at It’s deepest point and nestled within the Andes mountains of Peru, home of the condors

The Colca Canyon was formed by the erosion of volcanic rock caused by the Colca River. This Canyon is the ideal place for trekking inside the Canyon staying at San Juan de Chuccho, Sangalle (Oasis), Cosñirhua, Llahuar, Fure and Malata. You can also take another trekking routes through the Andean landscapes like: Canocota to la Calera hot springs, Chimpa fortress in Madrigal or Bomboya trek.

Trekking into The Colca Canyon:

Depending on your hiking plan you can start the adventure in Cabanaconde or Pampa San Miguel, both places are near to La Cruz del Condor viewpoint a highlight during the hike. Depending on tre route you will be amazed by the nature inside the Oasis, the waterfall in Huaruro or by the local people who will be always kind and happy to share their customs.

Colca Canyon Trek 2 Days:

There are two routes for trekking inside the Canyon on 2 days. The first one leaves from Cabanaconde going down directly to Sangalle (Oasis), this hike takes around 3 hours down on the first day and almost 3 and a half hour on day 2.

Another alternative is leaving from Pampa San Miguel, walking for around 3 hours to San Juan de Chuccho for having lunch and then continue hiking for another 3 hours to Sangalle. On day 2, the trek takes around 3 and a half hour up to Cabanaconde.

The food and accommdoation inside the Colca Canyon is basic, do not expect to sleep in a luxury resort or eating gourmed food.

Colca Canyon Trek 3 Days: