The Colca Valley is not only characterized by It’s natural landscapes, It’s lively culture and It’s gastronomy based on organic products, It also stands out for its thermal waters, which are rich in minerals that provide many health benefits.

Llahuar Lodge

After an unforgettable trek through the Colca Canyon, you can relax in the thermal pools of LLAHUAR LODGE, which contain minerals beneficial to health. It is located in the District of Tapay, which is part of the Trekking circuit within the Colca Canyon, being the first lodging to have thermo-medicinal baths of up to 39 ° in temperature.

Chacapi Hot Springs

This tourist and natural attraction is located exactly in the district of Yanque, province of Caylloma, at 7 kilometers from Chivay.
This hot springs are rich in minerals that are beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. The Chacapi thermal baths are part of the thermomedicinal resources of the Colca valley and are made up of several pools, whose maximum temperature reaches 45 ° C.

Thermal Baths La Calera

The thermal baths “La Calera” is located at 3 km from the city of Chivay, It’s mineral waters are beneficial for health and healing for people suffering from arthritis, acne and rheumatism, each pool has showers and lockers to store clothes. (At the moment there is only access to the showers).

Oasis of Sangalle

It is located in the depths of the Colca Canyon, in the Cabanaconde district, the climate in this place is warm and surrounded by a mainly fruit-growing area, where the visitor delights in the morphology and landscapes of the Colca Canyon.
In the oasis there are various lodgings with pools of medicinal waters that flow from the springs. During the night it is ideal to appreciate the brightness of the stars with a dark sky, enjoy the water in the middle of the pools and bonfires sharing unforgettable experiences.