Arequipa Reality Tour

Visit Arequipa city in a different way, learning about local society organization and daily life. Arequipa Reality Tour shows local people real life. Arequipa is the second biggest city of Peru. in Arequipa, like many peruvian cities has experienced rapid urbanisation over the past 50-60 years undergoing a transition from a predominantly rural population to an urban one. High levels of rural poverty and periods of violent political conflict in the past have resulted in a pattern of rural-urban migration with the majority of migrants coming from Andean regions seeking better life conditions and greater opportunities in Peru’s cities. Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru, has received a significant influx of internal migrants resulting in phenomenal and rapid urban growth. Residents from these types of areas also often find themselves stigmatised and discriminated against by other parts of the city resulting in difficulties with access to employment and education, and their general sense of a lack of social inclusion within the greater city. Book Arequipa Reality Tour and see how people are working together and get a taste of how the Peruvian society organizes itself to provide the basic needs for daily living.

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arequipa reality tour

Arequipa Reality Tour Brief

Arequipa reality tour is an alternative to the classic tours in Arequipa, through this tour you will learn more about political, economic and social local facts.

This tour seeks to establish people-to-people ties through introducing participants to local individuals that most travelers would never meet on their own. The reality tour offers participants an opportunity to journey to other countries to examine a situation first-hand.

Participants return home with an enlightened perspective, an expanded worldview, and a sense of how they each can advocate and communicate what they have learned to their family, friends and community.

Arequipa Reality Tour Itinerary:

Arequipa reality tour starts at 8:30 AM, at this time the tour guide will pick you up from the hotel, our first stop will be in the local market “Río Seco”, where we will buy food. After the market we will go tothe ashlar quarries located in Añashuayco, where “sillar” is extracted in a traditional way, for using in house’s buildings.

Then we will visit an Arequipa shanty for learning more about political, social and economical reality of Peru and Arequipa city. We will be introduced to a daily life of the poor people of the area: visiting a shantytown cemetery and a Comedor Popular (food is prepared by local women for very cheap prices). Finally we will visit a Children’s Home, where we will spend time with kids who were abandoned by their parents or violence victims, at this time we will share what we bought in the local market. Return to the hotel.
Do not lose this great oportunity to book Arequipa reality tour and learn how shanty towns get organised for satisfying their basic needs.

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