Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon Trek

Colca Canyon Trek, adventure inside one of the most important canyon in Peru. As the second deepest canyon in the world, Colca offers the most beautiful landscapes for trekking activities.

Trekking in Peru Andes - Colca Canyon

Hiking includes: Trekking 2, 3, 4 days and Llahuar Trek. Colca is more than accessible and the highlight of visitors trip to Arequipa.
Private trekking includes special activities and the visit to view points non visited by the tourist mass.
A journey to the Valley usually takes about 3 hours by tourist bus, across the high Andean plateau, reaching a high point of 4800 meters at the “Mirador de los Volcanes,” which offers fine views of several volcanoes that soar to more than 6,000 meters.

Colca Canyon: Adventure and Hiking Tours

Discover different hiking routes through different small villages for getting the bottom of the Colca Canyon. Travelers can choice the best alternative for starting the Hike: from Puno, Chivay or from Arequipa city.
Slicing through the High Andes like a giant fissure for more than 100km. Colca is the world’s second deepest canyon, approximately 3,400m at its deepest point; a shade shallower that the nearby Cotahuasi Canyon and nearly twice as deep as the US Grand Canyon. However, the canyon’s walls are not as vertical as the ones of the Grand Canyon.
Since they are such major features of the landscape, the Colca and Cotahuasi canyons are both easily recognizable in even low-resolution satellite photos of the region.
The Canyon is surrounded by Andean peaks (and at least one very active volcano), so the measurement is taken from the top of the peaks to the bottom of the canyon.
Attracting more and more visitors each year to the Colca Canyon, in addition to the awesome sights, are the Andean condors.
The Colca Canyon is home of the majestic Condor. Tourists can see the big condors at fairly close range as they fly through the canyon.
The canyon is the natural habitat of the great Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), a species that has seen world-wide effort to preserve it.
Cruz del Condor is a popular tourist stop to view the condors, the pass where condors soar gracefully on the rising thermals occurring as the air warms.
The condors hunt in the early morning and late afternoon, so it is best to be there during those times. At this point the canyon floor is 3,960 ft (1,200 m) below the rim of the canyon.
The Colca Canyon is also ideal for Adventure Sports. In addition, the La Calera natural hot springs is a wonderful way to relax after a day’s touring. The hot springs are located at Chivay, the biggest town in the Colca Canyon.

Colca Canyon Trekking Tour Peru 2019

2 Day Trek
3 Day Trek
4 Day Trek
Mixed Tour
Colca Trek to Puno

Colca Canyon Trek vs Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is harder than the Colca Canyon Trekking as you will be in higher altitude (Colca 3300 MASL – Inca Trail 4300 MASL)
Trek into the Colca Canyon is the ideal way for training to the Inca trail or Salkantay Trek.

Colca Canyon Altitude Sickness

Here are some things you can do to prevent yourself from getting altitude sickness
Gradual acclimatization to altitude is important if you are traveling to high altitude areas Symptoms of “soroche” can include fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing and insomnia
The mountain sickness can progress to high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude cerebral edema, both of which constitute life-threatening medical emergencies
Take time to rest much more than usual
Avoid alcohol and smoking and eat lightly
Make sure you are drinking enough water
Coca leaves (tea and chewing) are good for helping you to adapt

Best Colca Trek Operator 2019

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Colca Canyon Full Day Tour

Enjoy the Colca Canyon in a one day tour, visit to Cruz del Condor viewpoint and the main villages

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One Day Trek Colca Canyon

Explore the magic of the Colca Canyon in a one day tour with hiking activities included

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Colca Canyon Trek 2 Days

Live the adventure in 2 days Trekking inside the Colca Canyon, the second deepest


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Colca Mixed Tour

Enjoy the Colca Canyon with this amazing tour wich includes Hiking in the Colca Canyon

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Special 2 Day Colca Canyon Tour

Discover both sides of the Colca Canyon, this alternative tour takes you to Chimpa Fortress

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Colca Canyon 2 Day Tour From Puno

Explore the Colca Canyon in 2 days leaving from Puno and ending in Arequipa city


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Cabanaconde 2 Day Tour

Cabanaconde and Achachihua viewpoint offers the option to explore the Colca Canyon

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Colca 2 Days Long Route

Explore the long route to the Colca Canyon: Mollepunko caves, La Ventana del Colca and Sibayo

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3 Day Tour Colca Canyon

This alternative Colca Tour includes the night in Cabanaconde and Canocota


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3 Days Colca Canyon Trek

Explore the bottom of the Colca Canyon in 3 days trekking, spend nights in family lodges

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Llahuar Trek 3 Days

Enjoy a tranquil environment with nice views and relaxing time in Llahuar Lodge

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Colca Canyon Trek 4 Days

The best trek for adventure travelers, this hike takes you to enjoy Huaruro waterfalls