2018 Colca  Tour guide about tours and treks to the Colca Canyon, tour informations and prices.

Colca Canyon Brief Summary:

The Colca Canyon in southern Peru’s Arequipa region is an area of astounding scenic beauty, and one of Peru’s top tourist destinations. It is best known as one of the world’s deepest canyons, reaching a depth of 4,160 meters (13,640′), whose depth can most easily be appreciated from the Cruz del Condor, a viewpoint where Andean Condors can be seen most days throughout the year. It also offers a vibrant indigenous culture, high-quality handicrafts, and a range of activities from adventure sports to mystical tourism and tourist home-stays. The valley also features an incredible amount of Inca and pre-Inca agricultural terraces and the irrigation systems necessary to operate them.

  • Colca Canyon is located at 4 hours from Arequipa city.
  • The Colca Canyon is the second deepest in the world.
  • Along the way visitors can enjoy unique natural sceneries, as well as animal life; such as herds of Vicuñas (a wild relative of Llamas and Alpacas) and various types of birds, of which stand out the giant hummingbird, eagles, gooses and the mighty Andean Condor.
  • Colca Canyon visitors will enjoy passing through a range of unique ecological zones, from desert to altiplano to dry tundra.
  • If you like adventure tours, the Canyon also offers wonderful treks down to its bottom, descending throughout huge mountains, exploring oasis-like valleys, thermal springs, and camping outdoors. 

Colca Canyon Private and Shared Tours and Trekkings

Perou Voyage offers different options for discovering the ideal Colca Tour or Trek for you.

Full Day Colca Canyon Tour

Discover the Colca Canyon in one day, this tour offers a fast day trip to the Colca Canyon. Visit: Cruz del condor view point, Antahuilque, Wayrapunko, Choquetico and Maca and Yanque towns. We offer 2 kind of servcies: shared tour group and in a private guided and transport tour service. Also you can leave from Arequipa city or from Chivay town. This Day tour is offered in private and shared service.

2 Days Colca Canyon Tour

This is a classic bus2 day  trip to the Colca Canyon, with the typical visits to: La Calera hot springs, Cruz del Condor view point and the visits to the natural view points and villages like Maca and Yanque. The Colca tour price depends on the kind of accommodation you are looking for, depending on your Colca budget tour you can choose to stay at: Killawasi Lodge, Pozo del Cielo, Colca Lodge, Casa Andina Colca, La Casa de Anita, Kollawas Home Inn and Colca Inn or to stay in a basic hostel. This 2 day tour is offered in a shared and private tour service, the private tour includes the night visit to the Planetarium and hiking activities.

2 Days Colca Trek

Colca canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world with a big variety of flora and fauna, pre Inca terraces and nice inhabitants. Colca Trek 2 Days is an alternative to explore an extra mile in the Colca Canyon, this trek is ideal for travelers in good physical conditions. Perou Voyage offers small trekking groups with experienced licensed english speaking guides.

3 Days Colca Trek

This Colca Canyon trek includes on the first day the spectacular flight of the condor, the overnight in San Juan de Chuccho,and Sangalle and the relaxing time in the hot springs in Yanque. Licensed experienced english speaking guides and small trekking groups. This trek is ideal for travelers who are not in a hurry.

4 Days Colca Trek

On this trek we can enjoy the awesome landscape: pre inca terraces, the flight of the condor, hot springs for relaxing after the trek, the Colca River and the beautiful Huaruro waterfalls. This trek also includes the overnight with a local family (basic accommodation with no shower). This trek is ideal for adventure travelers who are in good physical conditions.

Colca Tour with Cabanaconde

This Colca Canyon tour with the overnight in Cabanaconde allows to travelers to escape from the traditional tour groups who spends the night in Chivay or Yanque. This private tour includes also the short hike to Achachihua view point and the hike from Cruz del Condor to Cruz del Cura view points.

Colca Mixed Tour

This option mixes The Colca canyon tour and the Colca trek all in one tour package. On the second day breakfast you will enjoy the delicious food while you are watching some condors flying near to the restaurant of course the views are very impressive.

Perou Voyage also offers different options for discovering the Colca Cayon, these options includes short hikes and vivencial tour activities. Also we allors to travelers to start the Colca Canyon tour or trek in Chivay or end the tour in Puno.

Coporaque Vivencial Tour

Yanque Vivencial Tour

Puno Tours

Bus Puno Chivay

Bus Chivay Puno

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