Is It easy to find the differences between llamas and alpacas?
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Differences between Llamas and alpacas: Alpacas may seem very similar to the llamas, but there is a variety of differences between them.
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Differences between the llamas vs alpacas:

  1. Ears: An alpaca has straight, pointed ears. A llama on the other hand has banana shaped ears.
  2. Wool: Llamas have no wool, rather hair that protects but is not appropriate for a sweater or scarf. Alpacas are bred purely for their luxurious wool which is one of the finest in the world.
  3. Face: The face of an alpaca is a lot fuzzier and woollier than a llamas face. A llamas face is also longer while an alpaca’s face is a bit more blunt.
  4. Size: The llama is a lot bigger while alpacas are a lot lighter. The llama can have a height of more than 110 cm, alpacas are generally not much taller than 90 cm.
  5. Purpose: Llamas are known as the “Ship of the Andes”. Their back is very suitable to carry heavy weights for long distances. Alpacas on the other hand, are all wool.
  6. Personality: Alpacas are very gentle and shy while llamas are very confident and brave animals.
  7. Strength: Alpacas can’t protect themselves and need protection. Llamas on the other hand can and will protect themselves.
  8. Character: Alpacas are very intelligent and can learn tricks. Llamas seem to be too confident/proud and arrogant.
  9. Like minded: Alpacas are 100% herd animals and need tot be in a group to survive while llamas are more independent.
  10. Llamas are known for spitting quickly when they feel threatened, whereas alpacas are much more gentle and just spit as their last resort when they’re really angry or scared.

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