Llahuar Trek

Llahuar 3 Day Trek offers spring thermal water pools and a garden. It is located a 3-hour walk from Huaruro waterfalls and 9 km from Cabanaconde town. Llahuar Trek provides  a tranquil environment with nice views and relaxing time. Llahuar 3 day trek includes visit villages that still preserve their traditions and customs will enjoy the hot springs, geysers, to swim in the oasis, visiting the waterfalls with drops over 100 meters, and all the scenic beauty of the canyon.  You have enough reason now for enjoying the adventure booking Llahuar 3 Day Trek.

colca canyon llahuar 3 day trek

Llahuar Trek

Llahuar 3 Day Trek Itinerary:

Day 1: Arequipa – Cabanaconde – LLahuar

Llahuar 3Day Trek starts at 3AM, pick up from the hotel in Arequipa city and departure to Chivay town for having breakfast. Later we will continue by car to Cruz del Condor to spot the majestic king of the Peruvian Andes: the condor. Arrive to Cabanaconde, at this town we will start the trekking inside the Colca Canyon (5 hours walking), with spectacular views. The downhill route is a 7 Km challenge with sharp steep bends and stunning views. We will arrive to the Llahuar Bridge, where the Huaruro river flows into the Colca river. Arrive to the lodge, accommodation and lunch. In the afternoon, you can relax in the natural hot springs or fishing trout in the river. Dinner and overnight in the basic lodge.

Day 2: LLahuar – Sangalle (Oasis)

Breakfast and departure to Sangalle. Today it is mainly uphill and it is by far the less challenging day with nature at its best! First we will stop in Paclla, continue to the Mirador de La Apacheta then climb up to the Mirador of Achachihua and finally down to the small village of Malata. Here we will the local church. Then we will continue downhill to the Oasis of Sangalle where the natural pools will refresh us. Arrive to the lodge, after 4 hours walking; accommodation and lunch.

After lunch the tour guide will show you the local flora; dinner and overnight in the basic lodge.

Day 3: Sangalle – Cabanaconde – Arequipa

Today we will start the trekking up to Cabanaconde at 5AM. This is a 5 Km hike that in the space of two to three hours will take you from 2,100 to 3,200 meters above sea level. On the way up, our guide will first help you find the rhythm and then each person, according to the individual pace, will reach the summit at leisure.

Arrive to Cabanaconde, breakfast and departure by car to Chivay town, along the way we will stop in: Wayrapunko view point, Maca town and Yanque hot springs, where we will spend time relaxing. Arrive to Chivay, buffet lunch and return to Arequipa.

On the way back to Arequipa, the car will stop at: Patapampa a ntural view point located at 4800 MASL from where we can watch the mountain range and Pampa Cañahuas, where we can watch vicuñas and alpacas. Arrive to Arequipa at 6PMand end of Llahuar Trek.

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