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With more than 10,000 years of history, Peru boasts a great wealth of cultures and traditions. It has delicious, acclaimed gastronomy, possesses imposing archaeological complexes, 12 Unesco world heritage sites and has vast natural reserves. It is undoubtedly one of the most varied countries in the world. Peru is a highly diverse country. It has 11 ecoregions and 84 of the 117 life zones that exist in the world. It has an enormous range of landscapes due to its geographical conditions, which in turn give it a great diversity of natural resources. Three main regions can be identified in its territory, which is the traditional way of dividing it according to altitudes: Coast, Mountains and Jungle.
Eating in Peru is about your palate, it is an expression of the multiple cultures that co-exist in one territory, and in recent years it has become part of the national identity and an incontrovertible, unifying element in Peru. Peruvians have become experts in experimenting with new flavours, harmonising aromas and discovering new ways of cooking. For that reason, the diversity of its agricultural production, its microclimates, varied geography, multiple cultures and the brilliance of its chefs have enriched Peru’s cuisine to the point where it is now recognised as one of the best cuisines in the world, on a par with Italian or French food.

Perou Voyage Tour Operator offers different tour packages for discovering Peru and the Incas culture. Our Peru tour packages includes the next destinations: Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Colca and Cotahuasi canyon, Ballestas Islands, Paracas reserve, and we take you to discover cities like: Arequipa, Cusco with It’s handicrafts markets, as well as a variety of adventure tours: trekking and rafting.

Arequipa Tours and Trekkings

Arequipa Walking Tour

Arequipa Countryside Tour

Toro Muerto Petroglyphs

Classic Tours Colca Canyon

Full Day Tour Colca Canyon

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Colca Tour Staying in Cabanaconde

Trekking Colca Canyon

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Peru Buses

Tourist Bus Chivay Puno

Tourist Bus Puno Chivay

Puno Tours

Puno Tours

Please noticed, you can start the Colca Canyon tour or trek  from Puno or Chivay. You can also choice a Colca Canyon Private Tour or to stay in Chivay or Yanque towns.  You can stay at: Killawasi Lodge, Pozo del Cielo, Colca Lodge, Kollawas Home Inn, Kuntur Wassi in Cabanaconde, Tradición Colca, etc.

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