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Volunteer Program Arequipa

If you are willing to colaborate with a children’s home in Arequipa so you might be interested on “Volunteer Program Arequipa“. Volunteers are essential in supporting student education, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain teaching experience with kids who were abandoned by their families or violence victims.

Volunteer Program Arequipa Responsibilities includes:

Classroom support
English Lessons
Assisting with lesson planning
Running after school workshops
Supporting individual students
Assisting in subjects other than English, depending on level of Spanish and school needs
Volunteers may also develop other projects, according to the school

Are you interested on volunteer program in Arequipa?

The Children’s home requires volunteers with the next skills:
Intermediate Spanish is required for this program.
We ask that those applying for this opportunity dedicate a minimum of 1 month
If you are not able to stay for a month in Arequipa you can collaborate with children sending school supplies or becoming a child sponsor, in this way you will support poor kids education which is the best way to defeat poverty.
For more informations please contact us