Arequipa is the second most important city in Peru, and is a very popular tour destination for It’s nice weather, colonial buildings, volcanoes, history, restaurants, hotels and places to visit: Plaza de Armas, The Santa Catalina Monastery, Museo Santuarios Andinos, Sabandia windmill, Toro Muerto Petroglyphs, Cotahuasi Canyon, Andagua, Laguna de Salinas, etc.

Arequipa Best Hiking, Adventure and Cultural Tours

Perou Voyage offers a selection of private adventure, trekking and cultural tours for discovering the magic of Arequipa city. Find different trips for discovering local history, gastronomy and adrchitecture.

This region is an important tourist destination in south Peru with so many destinations like: Andagua, Cotahuasi Canyon, Colca Canyon, Toro Muerto, etc. Located at 2,325 meters above sea level and few travelers ever experience altitude sickness here.

Climate in Arequipa

The city is popular because of f its pleasant weather and 300 sunny days per year.

Is important to wear sunscreen, as this area experiences intense high solar radiation.

If you go to the mountains and highlands in Arequipa Region, expect stronger sun and winds during the day, and cooler temperatures at night.

Arequipa Weather

There are significant temperature differences between day and night. Daytime temperatures average around 20°Celsius, but rarely go below 8°Celsius.

The Andean rainy season extends from December to March.

Low atmospheric pressure and the valley’s topography result in early morning and evening breezes as glacially-cooled air sweeps down from the mountains.

Arriving to Arequipa

By plane:

Arequipa’s Manuel Ballon International Airport has regular connecting flights to/from Lima, Juliaca, and Cusco. The airport islocated at 8 km  from the Plaza de Armas.

By bus:

The city has 2 major bus stations, Terminal Terreste and Terrapuerto, which are located at 3.8 km from the Plaza de Armas.

For long distance bus travel between Arequipa, Cusco, Puno, Nazca, Ica and Lima, the best and safest option is to take an overnight bus company like Cruz del Sur and Oltursa.

Trip Extensions

From Lima, you can travel from the desert coast to Paracas, Ica and Nazca, then go up to Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, ending the trip in Puno.

From Arequipa or the Colca Canyon, you can go to Puno up; Lake Titicaca or Cusco u0026amp; Machu Picchu.

Arequipa Gastronomy

The food includes the best local products. These dishes have a marked flavor, since the herbs used on some of the best dishes, using the shrimp and the rocoto, a variation of the chili (spicy and hotter).

One of the most known dishes in Arequipa is the called Chupes, which includes several thick soups, made with long noodles, milk and always have shrimp and prawns.

Other typical dishes are the Ocopa, made with peanuts, huacatay, an aromatic herb, served with potatoes and boiled egg.

One of the most famous dishes is the called Rocoto relleno, is a chili which is stuffed with chopped meat, grill cheese and other products.

The desert that is so famous is the “queso helado”, made with curd milk, cinnamon, coconut and other species.

Guided Excursions in Arequipa

One of the most importants Peru’s highlighs is Arequipa city, a nice white city with beauty buildings and delicious food.  We ofer a variety of excursions and luxury tours for discovering Arequipa city: bus tour and walking. All the itineraries are designed accortding to your preferences: budget, time, private guide or group tour.

The “white city” is the second biggest in Peru, with snow-capped mountains, volcanoes like: Misti, Chachani and deep canyons.

The Best Tours in Arequipa