Find the booking conditions and terms before booking a tour in Peru with Perou Voyage.

Perou Voyage Booking Conditions


Colca Tour booking reservation  will be made with a previous deposit.

Online Payments with Paypal:
Perou Voyage offers you the possibility to pay online for a Colca Tour booking using Paypal service. This is a safe and easy way to pay for your Colca tour booking.

More than 2 days before departure:

The full amounts paid for a Colca Tour Booking will be refunded, less any bank charges due to transfers.
When domestic flights have already been purchased: Peru domestic flights may have been purchased in advance, which is likely in most cases, are not reimbursable by the airlines and we can not be responsible for the obligation to purchase the tickets early to ensure the smooth running of its services. In all cases, the ticket scanned will be sent via the Internet as proof of purchase.

Cases of Hotels 3* or more, depending on the policy of selling some of these hotels, some payments must be made well in advance to confirm a Colca Canyon hotel reservation. Sometimes these payments are not refundable at 100%. We can not repay the sums that would have been advanced. We will send you the sales policies of these hotels as proof of our inability to repay.
We are not responsible for nonpayment of your insurance or lack of insurance from the customer.

Trip Interruption for personal reasons:

Any remaining payment (eg: services not originally intended or otherwise) should therefore have to be settled if it had been granted exceptionally between the two parties to pay the balance once in Arequipa when that interruption would have occur before the arrival in Arequipa.


It is mandatory to get a health and repatriation insurance (from your country), in the uttermost case you do not desire to get any travel insurance, You will have to manifest it, so you can sign down a document to release us of any responsibility. we recommend you to take an insurance in your country.


Passports, vaccinations: We do not replace the individual responsibility of each participant. They must comply with the regulations and procedures of police, customs and health at any time during the journey. Each participant must also be responsible for obtaining all required documents by the authorities of the countries visited, even in transit. For example, the only passage by the United States, even in transit, requires the holding of the biometric passport. Similarly, and regardless of the passport, it must be valid at least 6 months after the return date. See our sheets.
We are not responsible for any delay or inability of a participant to present documents in order. It is also not responsible for any costs incurred by any delay or postponement of international flight that could destabilize the organization of the circuit and cause unexpected additional costs.
Any trip interrupted or shortened because of the participant for any reason whatsoever cannot give rise to any refund.


Each participant is aware that given the nature of the trips we organize, he can run some risks due to the remoteness of medical facilities, road conditions, the adventurous character of certain circuits (including the mountain, hiking, shipments in all-terrain vehicle). Our clients assume informed consent and agrees not to blame for accidents that may occur at Colca Trekking Tours or guides or different providers.
If circumstances dictate and in particular to ensure the security of the whole group, but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, we reserve the right directly or through its leaders to substitute a transportation, accommodation, a route to another, and dates or departure times, without the participants being entitled to compensation.

Each participant must comply with prudential regulations and follow the advice given by the escort or guide. We can not be held liable for accidents which are due to carelessness of an individual member. We reserve the right to expel any time a group of persons whose conduct may be regarded as endangering the safety or well-being of participants. No compensation is due.
If external events disrupt the normal running of the country (eg political and social unrest …), we reserve the right to cancel a trip or to modify its content.


Your luggage remains permanently under your own responsibility. Never leave your guide in charge of your luggage.


If your trip is changed due to a disruption of air traffic, we can not be held responsible. The resulting costs will remain your responsibility.
However, be aware that Peru Tours knows how to take responsibility and do everything possible to ensure optimum quality of its services. We have extensive experience and know to deal with contingencies.

Colca Tours and Colca Trekking Tours Booking:

Please read carefully the steps for booking a Colca Tour or Colca Trek shared or private tour service;  we suggest to check first our different Colca tour itineraries and prices at: Perou Voyage Tour Operator:

1.- Send us an email to: for checking availability and tour price, specifying the name of the tour (if possible send us the link), we need the exact or approximate date of the tour and the people number.

2.- We will confirm the availability of the tour by e-mail, and we will give you additional information about the tour.

3. –  When you are ready for booking, please send us the next informations:

  • Full Names:
  • Passport Numbers:
  • Nationalities:
  • Tour Date:
  • Hotel in Arequipa:
  • Allergic or vegetarians:

4.- For reconfirming the tour booking, we require the total payment or a deposit (depending on the tour).

Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you!


Perou Voyage Team