Colca Valley and Colca Canyon Map, discover the diffrent villages, natural viewpoints and trekking routes to the Canyon.

In this valley inhabits the huge Andean condor, which can be seen from several viewpoints, such as Cruz del Condor, Cruz del Cura and Tapay viewpoint.

It is an andean area with green landscapes and several remote traditional villages where the terraces are cultivated typical of the Incas.

Colca  Map

colca canyon map

 Trek Map

Trekking map of Colca Canyon.

colca trek map


Peru Colca Canyon Condor

The Colca Canyon is more than just condors. You can find impressive churches in Lari, Yanque, Cabanaconde and Sibayo.

Many of the houses in the valley are still built in stone with ichu roofs. Women in the communities still wear traditional costumes: long skirts with colorful embroideries and beautiful hats .

The Colca Canyon is the habitat of different animals such as the Andean condor, among other 100 species of birds, four types of camelids: vicuña, the guanaco, the llama and the alpaca.

There are also more than 300 species of plants, 30 are cacti, not to mention the primitive green yareta.

One of the most invaluable spectacles is the condor’s flight.

Each morning is possiblt to watch around 20 condors at Cruz del Condor viewpoint.

The Colca valley is an ideal place for adventure activities such as trekking, boating, climbing, bicling and horse riding.