Mirador Cruz del Condor is a stunning lookout located in the Colca Canyon at an elevation of 3270 MASL, located in the the Department of Arequipa, Caylloma province, in Peru.

This viewpoint is for many the highlight of their trip to the Cañón del Colca and has become a very popular spot for viewing the Colca Canyon and the majestic flight of the Andean Condor, the region’s most representative bird as well as the largest flying bird in the world.

Other notable bird species present in the Colca include the giant hummingbird, the largest member of the hummingbird family.

Colca Canyon and Condors

The viewpoint offers great views of the canyon and this is the best place where you can see the andean condors flying over the Colca River.

The best time to see the flight of the Condor’s is between 8AM to 10AM, depending on the weather conditions as during the rainy and cloudy days It won’t be possible to watch the condors.

Cruz del Condor viewpoint is the most popular place for condor’s watching. At this point the canyon floor is 1,200 meters below the rim of the canyon.

This place was originally called Chacllacruz yet is now known by the title of “Mirador Cruz del Condor” (Condor’s Cross) for two reasons: one, for the flyovers performed in this area by this famous Andean bird, especially in the morning, and two, because of the stone cross built overtop a striking stone promontory.

Organized Bus tour to the Colca Canyon

Every day organized bus tours are leaving from Arequipa to Colca Canyon for visiting this spot.

Bus Tour is available in group and private service with an english speaking guide on board and includes the stop at Cruz del condor.

Tapay Viewpoint

At 3600 MASL, Tapay viewpoint offers great views of the small villages at the bottom of the Colca Canyon as Tapay, San Juan de Chuccho, Malata, Cosñirhua and Sepregina Mountain.

Great site to observe the canyon, the condors and the snowy mountains. You can stay there for a long time, there is almost nobody.

Cejana Viewpoint

Located in Cabanaconde at 3350 MASL, Cejana view point and only accesible by foot. This lookout is situated at 25 minutes hiking from Cabanaconde plaza.

From this place you can go down inside the Canyon to Osasis (Sangalle).

San Miguel Viewpoint

San Miguel viewpoint is located at 25 minutes walking from Cabanaconde town, from San Miguel start the hiking route to San Juan de Chuccho.

From this loukout you can see all 8 volcanoes (one is still active) that surround the region.

You really see how huge the valley is and how this is one of the biggest Canyons in the world.

Achachihua Viewpoint

Mirador de Achachihua is located in Cabanaconde at 3320 MASL at 15 minutes walking, from this view point you can see the Colca Canyon, the Oasis – Sangalle amd the Huaruro waterfall.

Mirador Achachiwa offers a panoramic view of the Canyon, small villages, pre-inca terraces, the River and the mountains of Hualca Hualca and Sepegrina. Achachihua view point is the starting point to Llahuar.

Kallimarka Ruins

Kallimarka ruins is located at 3700MASL in a hill at Cabanaconde town. It takes 4 hours walking from Cabanaconde to the ruins,.

It offers great views from the pre-inca terraces and Hualca Hualca snowcapped mountain.

Entrance FeeTourist Ticket to the Colca Canyon

All Colca Canyon visitors must pay 70 soles entrance fee ($23 dollars). You can buy the tourist ticket at any checkpoint.

Hold on to the ticket, as park officials will ask to see it along the tourist route to Mirador Cruz del Condor.

Colca Canyon vs Grand Canyon

Find the differences between Colca and the Grand Canyon:

  • Located in the Peru Andes. Colca is a giant fissure for more than 100 km.
  • Colca is the world’s second deepest canyon, approximately 3,400m at its deepest point
  • Home of the andean condor, vizcachas, vicugnas, the giant hummingbird and the andean fox.
  • The Grand Canyon is in Northern Arizon just North of Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Grand canyon is full of fossils.


Casa Andina Standard Colca hotel have an astronimical observatory in Chivay town.

Casa Andina offers daily presentations in english and spanish that allow you to know more about the stars and constellations.

The price includes a 30 minute explanation and chance to see into the telescope.

It is open daily but It closes during the rainy season, between January to March.


When is the best time to visit Colca Canyon?

The best time for visiting the Colca Canyon is from May to November. The weather is warm during the day and cold at night with no rains.
We recommend to visit the area between April to june when the valley and the is completely green.

How deep is the Colca Canyon?

In 2005 an expedition led by the Polish researcher Andrew Pietowski performed several measurements using modern high-precision devices.
The research revealed that in region of Canco of the district of Huambo the profundity of the Colca Canyon reached 4160 meters on the north side and 3600 meters on the south side.
This makes the Colca Canyon the deepest Canyon in the world and approximately twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Colca Canyon Tour or trek?

During the shared tours you will have limited time for walking as you are sharing transportation and tour guide with other people.
Most of the time you will be on a bus and visiting the viewpointsin the Peru Andes. The bus tours are more recommended for travelers who don’t want to walk or do the Colca Trek.
Trekking inside the Colca Canyon is a good alternative for adventure lovers and for people with good physical condition.

I do not want to take all of my stuff with me. Where can I leave my big bag?

Normally the hostels and hotels in Arequipa offers baggage storage service for free. You just need to carry the necessary stuff during the tour or trek.

Will I see Condors on these tours?

The Colca canyon has different natural view points (Mirador Cruz del Condor, Achachihua, Tapay, San Miguel) for watching the condors, this factor increase the chances to see them. However It will depends also on the weather conditions (rainy season).

Can I finish the excursion in Puno instead of Arequipa?

Yes, this is possible. Normally the last day of our tour you will return to Chivay town about midday, after lunch time you can take the bus from Chivay to Puno instead of coming back to Arequipa.
The bus from Chivay to Puno leaves at 1:15PM and arrives to Puno at 7:30PM, this is a bus guided service and incldues the drop off to the hotel in Puno.

What’s the difference between 2 Day and a 3 Day Trekking Colca Canyon?

The routes for both hikes is the same. The 3 day trek includes more free time for relaxing and explore the canyon, 2 day trek is more difficult because you will walk more hours per day.

Is It possible to book trekkings or tours from Chivay?

Yes, is possible to book a Colca Canyon tour from Chivay, Puno or Arequipa. You just need to contact us and we will provide you all the tour options.

How to travel from Puno to Chivay?

The tourist bus from Puno to Chivay leaves everyday at 6:16AM and gets to Chivay by noon. Please contact us If you require private driver ad transportation in Peru.

How to get transport from Chivay to Cusco?

The bus from Chivay to Cusco leaves 3 times per week at 7AM, on monday, wednesday and friday. Transport arrives to Cusco at 4PM.

Is it possible to do the route Arequipa – Colca – Chivay – Puno in the same day?

Yes, is possible. It will be a long day traveling by bus. You can check One Day Colca Canyon Tour to Puno.

Is it possible to do 1 day at Colca Canyon WITH a trek?

Yes, is possible. We offer Colca Canyon Trek 1 day. This hiking is offeresd in private service (driver and tour guide) and includes a trek for around 3.5 hours from Canocota to La Calera hot springs.

Is It possible to book Colca Tour staying at Cabanaconde?

Yes, you can book a tour staying in Cabanaconde town which is a quite and nice small village with no tourist.
Yes, you can book a tour staying in Cabanaconde town which is a quite and nice small village with no tourist.
There are 2 options includying overnight at Kuntur Wassi hotel: Cabanaconde 2 Day Tour and Colca Canyon 3 Day Tour.