We pay fair prices to the locals for all the services
We organize activities with local people to be closer to them for example in Canocota, Yanque and Coporaque: we walk with them and we pick up some fruits and vegetables from their farms, the tourist can dress up like local people and cook with them if you really like (for sure if you like you will do it)
We adapt the itineraries according to your travel requirements
We pay fair salaries to the guides
We pay taxes, this payment allows to build public schools, safe highways, health
care and social services for low-income citizens.
We offer vegetarian food and special diet for people with allergies

We usually recommend to travel to colca canyon early in the morning because you can have time to hike and share time with natives
The most important thing for us is that our clients fully enjoy our service. Also important is that everybody involved in the tours operation are well treated and cared for (guides and local people).