Find different reasons why to choose us: Perou Voyage Tour Operator team for booking a tour to the Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi, Andagua, Arequipa or Puno.

Who We Are?

We are a tour company of Peruvian origin dedicated to create and promote alternative routes in Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Andaguaa and Cotahuasi Canyon.

Our Mission

Provide a humane, cordial and empathetic treatment to all our clients through our different trips: ecotourism, trekking, rural and adventure tour experiences based in offering high quality, safety and environmental, sociocultural and economic sustainability.

Our Vision

To be recognized worldwide as the best tour company, supporting local people and preserving the environment.

We plan to grow as a sustainable travel company, increasing the profitability of our business, while working in an environmentally responsible, economically fair and socioculturally inclusive manner.

We want to be an example company for the design and development of quality sustainable tourist experiences, at a national level, continuously surprising our environment with our innovation, our professionalism and our commitment.


As part of our business culture, we assume the following Values as standards or principles of conduct:

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

The satisfaction of our clients is essential for the success of Perou Voyage. We obtain your satisfaction when we listen, understand and anticipate your needs and manage to meet your expectations.

Why to Choose Us?

Perou Voyage Best Colca Canyon Tour Operator

Find the different Colca Tours Arequipa for discovering the second deepest canyon in the world, so why to choose us?

Perou Voyage tours in Arequipa offers the best Colca Tours from Puno to Arequipa, Colca Tour from Arequipa to Puno, Private Colca Canyon Tour, One Day Bus Trip to Colca Canyon, 2 Days Colca Trek, 3 Days Colca Trek, 4 Days Colca Trek, 2 Days Classic Colca Canyon Tour. 

Perou Voyage Colca Day Tours offers enough reasons for booking Colca Tours Arequipa so you know now why to choose us!

Perou Voyage Tour Operator: Colca Tours Arequipa and Colca Trekking Operator

  • We organize activities with local people to be closer to them for example in Canocota, Yanque and Coporaque: we walk with them and we pick up some fruits and vegetables from their farms, the tourist can dress up like local people and cook with them if you really like (for sure if you like you will do it)
  • We adapt the itineraries according to your travel requirements
  • We pay fair salaries to the tour guides
  • We pay taxes, this payment allows to build public schools, safe highways, health care and social services for low-income citizens.
  • We offer vegetarian food and special diet for people with allergies
  • We usually recommend to travel to colca canyon early in the morning because you can have time to hike and share time with natives
  • The most important thing for us is that our clients fully enjoy our service. Also important is that everybody involved in the tours operation are well treated and cared for (guides and local people)
  • In Arequipa city the cheapest travel agencies (who also offers their services through popular websites) link their Colca Trekking groups (15 or 20 persons by group with just 1 tour guide) put at risk travellers health and integrity as one tour guide can’t manage the different tourist requirements (ages, pace, poor food etc), opposite to Perou Voyage trekking groups where you can find one english speaking guide with a maximum of 5 people. This fact allows to offer a personalized tour according to your expectations and not just to walk around the canyon with a “tour guide” with no knowledge about the area
  • We highly encourage you to only book with a legal Colca tour operator with licensed english speaking guides and help us to stop the piracy of tourism in the Colca area
  • Please do not book a tour with someone who claims they are a tour operator without checking you will be safe going with a licensed english speaking guide expert in first aid skills and knowledge about nature, culture and environmental protection
  • Do not accept to go in a big Colca Trekking group which is not allowed by the adventure tourism law (do not accept just one tour guide for more than 8 tourist in a Colca trek tour)

Please encourage everyone to do the same and help us to reduce locals and tour guides exploitation and make Colca Canyon tourism a sustainable activity that benefits the environment and the local communities.