tapay trek (0 Reviews)

Tapay Trek

Enjoy the adventure inside the Colca Canyon with this alternative Tapay Trek.This new alternative trek to Tapay allows you to explore the second deepest canyon…

From $185.00
03 Days
Bomboya Andes Trekking (0 Reviews)

Bomboya Andes Trekking

This private guided trekking in the Peruvian Andes is an alternative hike for adventure lovers, watching geological formations and the best viewpoints of the Bomboya…

5 Days
mixed tour colca canyon (0 Reviews)

Colca Mixed Tour 3 Days

Mixed Colca Canyon tour 3 days combines classic Tour with overnight in Cabanaconde and trekking inside the Colca Canyon, spending night in Sangalle. Mixed tour…

From $350.00
3 Days