Why you should travel to Cusco during the rain season? It is always a good time to travel and escape from routine. Cusco offers a wide variety of attractions that can be visited during all year. For example, there are amazing natural landscapes that can only be enjoyed during the rainy season from November to March.

Many people believe during this season it rains all day and every day, but no, the truth is that the months of strongest rainfall are January and February and, despite this, tourism can be done without problems.

Warm weather

The summer in the city of Cusco occurs during the rainy season, which means that in this season you can enjoy a clear sky full of light in the morning, with a possible rain in the afternoon that, however it may seem very strong, it will only last a couple of hours and then clear again.

Awesome landscapes

The rains make a panorama full of herbs, flowers and seasonal fruits that surprises tourists for their striking colors and the intense green of the mountains.

Less tourists

During this time of the year the tourism decreases, this fact allows to access to various historical structures and taking pictures with no tourist around.

Gastronomic variety

In this season you can find a great diversity of exotic fruits and vegetables, such as capulí, pacay, mushrooms or turnip. Also delicious dishes are prepared that can only be tasted during the rainy season.

Thus, one of the best moments to get to know the City of the Incas is undoubtedly the rainy season, so do not forget to include trekking or non-slip shoes, a waterproof jacket and, most importantly, sunscreen.